McCarthy Appointed to ACAT

Local Barrister Geoffrey McCarthy of Blackburn Chambers has been appointed as a Presidential member of ACAT with a term to expire in December 2022.

Along with the appointment of Mr McCarthy, the Attorney-General announced the appointment of Mary-Therese Daniel as a Presidential Member and Robert Orr PSM QC and Professor Peta Spender were appointed as acting presidential members.

Geoffrey McCarthy worked with the ACT Government Solicitor until he joined the bar 12 years ago and the Attorney-General has cited his strong community focus and strong leadership abilities as key attributes that will assist him in performing his Presidential duties.

Mr Orr, Ms Therese-Daniel and Professor Spender are currently on the ACAT and the re-appointments until 2022 and 2023 respectively are considered a show of confidence in their previous performance in the role.

As the Tribunal aims for quick and cheap delivery of justice outcomes, it regularly relies on its Presidential Members to step in to handle larger and more complex cases during times of greater case load.

Read the AG’s press release here if so inclined.


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