Bankrupts: Top 3 ACT Suburbs

The Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) have released national bankruptcy data for only the third time and the results are mildly interesting.

Adjusted per capita, the naughtiest debtors in Australia live in Newcastle West (NSW) with 1 in 75 people being declared bankrupt, Ilfracombe in outback Qld in second with 1 in 80 people and then Bumberrah and Johnsonville (VIC) bringing up third with 1 in 94 people.

For the ACT, there was one debtor per 733 adults in ACT in 2013–14, compared with 546 adults in Australia. This is below the national average and actually represents a slight dip for the ACT when adjusted for an increase in population over the last 4 years.

The most violent trend is the number of Territorians entering into (Part IX) Debt Agreements which has been increasing rapidly with almost double as many debtors compared to 2010 levels (190 vs 100).


Top 3 postcodes with the highest proportion of debtors:

2914 – Gungahlin – 28 bankrupts equalling 1 in 332 people

2606 – Woden – 17 bankrupts equalling 1 in 391 people

2913 – Gungahlin – 45 bankrupts equalling 1 in 412 people

Top 3 postcodes in relation to highest number of bankrupts:

2615 – Belconnen – 54 bankrupts equalling 1 in 608 people

2913 – Gungahlin – 45 bankrupts equalling 1 in 412 people

2905 – Tuggeranong – 39 bankrupts equalling 1 in 550 people

ACT Bankruptcy Report 2013-2014

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