Canberra Lawyer Bites the Dust

Continuing a recent spate of disciplinary action aimed at keeping the ACT profession in line, a Canberra Family Law Solicitor has had his name removed from the roll over admitted misuse of client trust funds.

In April 2014, Slater voluntarily disclosed to the ACT Law Society that he had improperly used the trust funds.

An investigation revealed Slater had paid himself about $63,286.50 in advance of any work undertaken for the client, or in excess of work completed.

The matter was referred to the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal, which found him guilty of professional misconduct and recommended his name be removed from the roll of legal practitioners.

Slater did not contest the hearings and ACAT also ordered he pay the Law Society’s costs.

The law required the matter then be referred to the Supreme Court, which made the order to remove Slater’s name from the roll, with his consent.

Excerpt courtesy of Michael Inman’s Canberra Times article.

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