Review: Principles of Australian Equity and Trusts; Cases and Materials

Principles of Australian Equity and Trusts; Cases and Materials by Peter Radan, Cameron Stewart and Illija Vickovich (3rd Ed)

Principle of Australian Equity and Trusts is another must-have reference book for generalists and specialists alike. Principles of Equity and Trusts is presented in an easily approachable and digestable manner that will assist any practitioner in correctly and quickly identifying the relevant issues.

Like many similar reference books, this book is a wealth of knowledge for assisting practitioners find the most relevant and pertinent case law.

As the most recent version of Principles of Australian Equity and Trusts, the 3rd edition contains the latest case law and commentary on the development of the laws of equity and trusts in Australia. This includes extensive commentary on landmark cases such as Kakavas v Crown Melbourne Ltd (2013) 250 CLR 392 concerning a finding of unconscionable conduct by a casino for taking advantage of a person’s “special disadvantage”, namely a crippling gambling addiction.

International cases are also included in the breakdowns, particularly monitoring the development in similar jurisdictions and particularly the UK, Singapore and New Zealand. Cases such as FHR European Ventures LLP v Cedar Capital Partners LLC [2015] AC 250 bringing the UK in line with most other common law jurisdictions finding that bribes received are rightly held on trust for the principal.

Principles of Australian Equity and Trusts does exactly what it promises and delivers a great resource for principles and cases on the current position of equities and trusts.

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